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Puzzles 1000pc – NASA

Ever wanted to see the stars? Celebrate 60 Years and Counting of Space Exploration with this stunning 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle from The National Aeronautics and Space Administration ? otherwise known as NASA! Blast off on a journey into our galaxy and beyond in this official puzzle, which features an array of sights and surprises to assemble. Piece together some of NASA's most incredible achievements in this impressive jigsaw puzzle, including the Apollo 11 Moon landing, that put the first man on the Moon in 1969, and the Hubble Space Telescope, that has enabled us to see deep into our universe. Featuring original, authentic imagery from NASA's archives, this puzzle is a fantastic tribute to all the hard work and achievements of NASA's astronauts, engineers and human computers, and a must-have for all space enthusiasts. If you've ever looked up to the skies in wonder, then this is the puzzle for you! THE WONDERS OF THE UNIVERSE come to life with this stunning and detailed NASA jigsaw puzzle GATHER YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY to help piece together this montage of skies, stars and galaxies THIS 1000-PIECE PUZZLE will keep you entertained for hours as your image starts to come together AN EYE-CATCHING DESIGN featuring shuttles, planets and moments from aeronautical history NASA FANS AND BUDDING ASTRONAUTS will love exploring every detail of this image, from rockets to footprints and the wonders of the universe