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Risk – Peaky Blinders

An epic gangster family saga set in the lawless streets of Birmingham and beyond, Peaky Blinders tells the story of Thomas Shelby, a gangster raised in the slums of Small Heath who returns from the First World War determined to seek a better future for his family ? whatever the cost. In Peaky Blinders RISK, play as Tommy Shelby?s own Peaky Blinders, Billy Kimber?s Birmingham Boys, Alfie Solomons?s Jewish gang, Sabini?s crew or Captain Swing and the IRA, as you fight to become the most powerful group in the United Kingdom and Ireland by seizing the most territories and scoring the most points before the British Crown reaches the Garrison Tavern. With special Mission cards to help you capture strategic territories and gain new gang members, and Power cards that might boost your gang members or hamper your plans, this edition of RISK is a monumental battle for control of the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Game of Strategic Conquest gets a brand new look, by order of the Peaky Blinders! Accept missions from Arthur, Lizzie, Oswald Mosley and Jessie Eden as you choose your side, deploy your armies and do battle Bespoke game board with key locations for you to conquer across England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland Features beautifully crafted game pieces: bare-knuckle fighters, horseback fighters and classic vehicle reinforcements. Conquer it all with this stunning new Brummie edition of Hasbro?s RISK

Risk – Warhammer (2021)

The planet Vigilus is positioned in the Imperium Nihilus, near the Eye of Terror in a dark region of space. Always a critical location, the opening of the Great Rift escalated the importance of Vigilus exponentially ? as it serves as a key connection point between two halves of the Imperium. Thus it has come to pass that the forces of the Ultramarines, Orks, Chaos Space Marines, Aeldari Craftworlds, and Genestealer Cults have converged upon Vigilus and all-out war has erupted on the planet. Side with one of these five formidable factions, and deploy all of your might and strategy to obliterate your opponents in a battle for total domination. Complete objectives, collect rewards and conquer enemy territories for ultimate glory. ?The fate of this distant world is worth a thousand others. If it falls, if the Nachmund Gauntlet collapses, the Imperium Nihilus is all but lost to us. The empire of Terra will soon follow.? The Game of Strategic Conquest meets Warhammer 40,000! Choose your side, deploy your units and roll the Attacker and Defender dice Explore the regions of Megaborealis, Dontoria, Hyperia Sector, Kaelac?s Bane, Mortwald and Ork Scrap Cities, Oteck Hivesprawl, and Storvhal Beautifully crafted game pieces and easy setup means you can get straight into the action Conquer it all with RISK!