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Armor All 3L Winter Screen Wash

Start your winter?s day with a clean wind screen with Armor All? Winter Screen Wash. The ready-to-use formula of this screen wash is designed to effectively clean windscreens of bugs, tree sap, bird lime, road grime and traffic film. Available in an easy-pour pouch with a lemon fresh scent.

Armor All 500Ml De-Icer

Armor All De-icer is the ideal product to melt away snow and ice on a cold winters morning. Designed to work effectively down to -20 degree centigrade, snow and ice melts with application and will not refreeze.

Armor All Chunky Squeegee & Ice Scraper

Easily and quickly removes ice, snow and water ensuring minimal delays on frosty mornings. In addition to making driving safer, it helps remove ice and water off vehicles without scratching paintwork or glass.

Armor All Demist Pad

Armor All Microfi bre Demist Pad helps demist the interior windscreen and mirrors to improve visibility. Microfi bre cleans and lifts dirt and moisture, whereas ordinary fi bre pushes particle around the surface. Suitable for automotive and household applications.