Anand International Ltd. Environmental Policy

At Anand International Ltd., we are committed to protecting the environment and reducing our environmental impact. We recognize that our business activities have the potential to impact the environment and we are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance.

As part of our commitment, we have developed the following Environmental Policy Statement:

Compliance: We will comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations, and other requirements.

Pollution Prevention: We will take all reasonable measures to prevent pollution and minimize the environmental impact of our activities.

Resource Conservation: We will conserve natural resources, including energy, water, and raw materials, by implementing efficient practices and technologies.

Waste Management: We will manage our waste in a responsible and sustainable manner, and we will seek to reduce waste and increase recycling and reuse of materials.

Climate Change: We will take steps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and minimize our contribution to climate change.

Stakeholder Engagement: We will engage with our employees, customers and suppliers, to promote environmental awareness and seek feedback on our environmental performance.

Continuous Improvement: We will monitor and review our environmental performance, set targets for improvement, and continuously strive to improve our environmental performance.

Low Carbon Footprint

As a company, we are committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint throughout our day-to-day operations, reducing the impact that we have on the environment. We seek to work with shipping companies & suppliers who work towards sustainable logistics services.
The implementation of hybrid working, e-learning and video conferencing facilities help towards reducing the environmental impact of travelling for every day work and internal meetings.

Our head office car park has been equipped with EV charging points to encourage the use of Electric vehicles amongst our employees, we also have LED lighting installed at our head office and warehouse facilities.