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Top Trumps Juniors – Peppa Pig (2022 Refresh)

Join Peppa Pig and all of her friends, old and new, in this stunning edition of Top Trumps Juniors. Top Trumps is a competitive card game where players must choose the best stat from each card to win! Will you get lucky with George's Messiness, Mummy Pig's Noise, Daddy Pig's Size or Suzy Sheep's Puddle Jumping? Top Trumps Juniors also features a selection of other games, including Spot the Difference, Take 5, Pairs, and Observation Quiz, as well as colouring in, wordsearch, dot-to-dot and maze cards! Perfect for long journeys, rainy days, special treats and ideal as a gift, this game is perfect for fans of Peppa Pig and her adventures, and an ideal way to get kids into Top Trumps for the first time. Top Trumps helps with reading, reasoning and deductive thinking, and will keep children entertained for hours. Are you ready to go on another adventure with Peppa Pig and her family? PEPPA PIG TOP TRUMPS JUNIORS: the number one card game gets a messy new makeover with Peppa and friends BECOME THE TOP TRUMP: Prepare to outsmart your opponents, have fun with Peppa Pig and win every card! 12 OF YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTERS including Pedro Pony, Rebecca Rabbit, Candy Cat and Peppa herself! PLAY ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME: The easy-to-carry plastic case makes for a perfect travel or holiday game, and keeps kids occupied at home and on the move! ENCOURAGES KIDS TO INTERACT THROUGH REAL-WORLD ACTIVITIES: a fun game that improves children's concentration, observation and deductive reasoning!