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Pay Day – Payday

Have you ever thought of investing your hard-earned cash, winning the lottery or starting your own business? With PAY DAY all this is possible... and more! The action takes place on a calendar and, just like real life, something happens every day! You'll get paid, spend money... and make your fortune if opportunity comes your way! Keep an eye on the mail, take out loans, look for deals and at the end of every month comes the best day... PAY DAY! You have to spend money to make money ? PAY DAY sees you invest, borrow and spend your money in order to make your fortunes Countdown to PAY DAY as you face the highs and lows of the calendar month ? watch out for DEAL cards and MAIL cards that may help or hinder you along the way Will you win the lottery? Overspend on groceries? Or win big at the Family Casino Night? With PAY DAY the action takes place on a calendar, just like real life, something happens every day! The classic game of money management is suitable for ages 8+ and 2-4 players