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Puzzles 1000pc – Harry Potter – Secret Horcrux 1000pc Puzzle

?There will come a time when Harry Potter must be told something.? Relive the moment that the Boy who Lived realises that his own survival is entwined with that of the dark wizard Lord Voldemort in this stunning, officially-licensed 1000-piece Secret Horcrux puzzle. One of the most poignant and meaningful scenes from J. K. Rowling?s beloved saga is yours to recreate in a striking product that would be perfect for framing upon completion. This gloomy, intricate montage from the Battle of Hogwarts is coloured in shades of Gryffindor red, and bears the images of Harry, Voldemort, Hogwarts and the Hogwarts crest in a brand new illustration which is sure to thrill fans of this timeless story. Voldemort?s cruel regime is juxtaposed against Harry?s inner turmoil as he contemplates his destiny and his loved ones. You won?t need any wands, spells or potions to complete this puzzle if you remember Lupin?s advice: ?It is the quality of one's convictions that determines success!? Delve into the Battle of Hogwarts with this beautiful and sinister jigsaw puzzle Harry?s darkest hour comes when he realises that he is the Horcrux that was never meant to be! Gather your friends and family to help piece together this vibrant and high-quality jigsaw This 1000-piece puzzle will keep you entertained for hours as your Harry Potter scene starts to come together No Bullet

Puzzles 1000pc – Legend of Zelda 1000pc – Ocarina of Time

Are you ready for adventure? Experience the world of The Legend of Zelda! In this wonderful 1000-piece puzzle you can create a beautiful illustration of Link and Epona out of the iconic game Ocarina of Time - an absolute treasure for every Zelda fan! Delve into the world of Zelda with this beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzle For ages 14+ Involve all your friends and family in this challenging and entertaining puzzle for all ages 1000-piece puzzle will keep you entertained for hours as your Legend of Zelda scene starts to take shape Contains a full-scale poster of the puzzle image