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Top Trumps Classics – Gen Z TT: Trends of NFTs

The programmatically-generated world of Non-Fungible Tokens can be a tricky space to navigate. That's why Top Trumps has put together this brand new Guide to NFTs, featuring 30 of our favourite NFT projects listed on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea. NFTs are unique cryptographic assets, recorded on a blockchain. Collectors and traders can't get enough of these digital avatars and artworks, so we've taken it upon ourselves to investigate some of the most iconic collections. If you're looking to learn more about the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Hape Prime, Azuki or the Mekaverse, this game is for you! With categories including Highest Sale, Unique Owners, Year and Value, it's time to deploy your NFT knowledge to choose the best stat from each card and outsmart your opponents. Hold on to your Ether a little longer and invest in this new Top Trumps #trending deck for a bite-sized look at the collecting craze that's gripped the globe. TOP TRUMPS #TRENDING: NFTs you can hold in your hand, with Top Trumps' own Guide to NFTs BECOME THE TOP TRUMP: Prepare to outsmart your opponents, discover new and exciting NFT facts, and duel your way to the top! 30 ICONIC COLLECTIONS: Moonbirds, Doodles, Meebits and more? PLAY ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME: The easy-to-carry plastic case makes for a perfect travel or holiday game ADULTS AND CHILDREN AGED 6 and up will have hours of fun with this fast-paced card game that's suitable for any number of players