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Maxell CD-RW Re-Writeable 700MB 80min 4x 10 Pack Spindle

Ideal for updating software/programs during writing, programming and developmental stages. These discs hold up to 700MB of data or upto 80 minutes of audio whilst having a recording speed of up to 4x compatibility. The rewritable format allows for erasing and re-recording of data up to 1000 times. Can be applied across a wide range of multimedia uses. Compatible with Multi-read CD-ROM drivers or the machine they were recorded in. Please check your user manual for compatability.
  • Single sided
  • 4x write speed
  • 80 mins audio time
  • 700MB data
  • Re-writeable upto 1000x
  • Suitable for data, text, video, graphics, photographs etc
  • Durable and stable against sunlight exposure
  • 10 Pack Spindle
  • Comes in a sturdy spindle case for easy storage
Recording Time 80 minutes
Max Recording Speed 4x
Recording Capacity 700MB
Disc Diameter 12cm
Packaging 10 Pack Spindle
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624039 4902580505721 4902580505738 12 1200