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Top Trumps Match – Jurassic World

Return to Isla Nublar with this brand new Jurassic World edition of Top Trumps Match: The Crazy Cube Game! Use all of your skill and cunning to line up a row of 5 matching cubes before your opponent. Knock out their cubes and position your own in order to gain an advantage. Will you enjoy a roaring success with the Carnotaurus, or will you suffer a crushing defeat beneath the giant feet of the Stegosaurus? There?s still one chance to reverse the outcome of the match: if your opponent?s line of 5 matches your own Top Trump card, you get to steal the win! With beautiful artwork and a handy carry case that makes this game simple to pack away and store, this strategic matching game is perfect for dinosaur lovers everywhere. It?s also perfect to take on the move, so next time you?re planning a trip to your nearest dinosaur theme park, make sure you?re armed with your very own Top Trumps Match! The Crazy Cube Game gets a Jurassic World twist! Be the first to match five in a row with your favourite dinosaurs ? horizontally, vertically or diagonally But wait! Can your opponent steal the win? Turn over the Top Trump card to reveal if they can snatch the match! Play with 15 iconic dinosaurs, including the T. rex, Apatosaurus, Baryonyx and Triceratops Easy to play and store, Top Trumps Match comes in a handy self-contained plastic case: perfect for travelling to faraway islands!

Top Trumps Match – Spiderman

Choisis un des 15 personnages issus des bandes dessin?es Marvel Spider-Man et tente d'aligner 5 cubes identiques pour gagner la partie ! Le Match Spider-Man est un jeu tactique pour deux qui te permettra de jouer avec tes personnages pr?f?r?s comme Venom, Le Bouffon Vert, Carnage, le L?zard, Rhino ou encore des Spider-Man alternatifs comme Spier-Gwen ou Spider-Man Miles Morales ! Contenu : 1 console, 25 cubes, 15 cartes personnages Spider-Man et les r?gles du jeu. Jeu de voyage : facile ? ranger, la console de jeu est id?ale pour transporter ton Match Spider-Man partout ! 2 joueurs. Dur?e de la partie : 20 minutes environ.