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Vibe MFI Lighting Car Charger 2.4Amp

Vibe C4 Lightning Car Charger, Charge your iPhone from this Lightning car charger, supports high speed charging. With the Vibe Lightning Car charger, you’ll always have an iPhone charger to hand in your car, whether it’s your iPad, iPhone, iPod or lightning devices. Features:
  • Designed for quick charging speeds: With Vibe adaptive technology smart IC Chip ensures High-Speed charging up to 2.4 Amp for your device.
  • Built to Last: Built with premium materials to ensures maximum reliability and durability.
  • Compatibility: Work with any lightning port device.
  • Portable Size: Portable in size so you can fit it easily anywhere in the car
Compatible With:
  • Lightning-Port
Package Contains:
  • 1x Vibe White C4 Lightning Car Charger