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Top Trumps Match – Lex

Two iconic games have joined forces for an all-new word-building experience! Lex Match combines the fast-paced, cube-swapping competition that is Top Trumps Match with the spelling and vocabulary challenge of Lex-Go for a whole new dimension of wordplay! Perfect for players aged 4+, Lex Match is optimised to develop spelling and vocabulary. Be the first to line up five letters to spell out a word by pushing out your opponents' cubes and inserting new ones to disrupt their words and form your own. Make words horizontally, vertically and diagonally, and use the LEX cubes, which can stand for any letter you like. If your opponent makes a word that uses a letter on one of your cards, you steal their points! You can use three- or four-letter words for younger players, and when you're finished, you can pack up the entire game, including the cubes and cards, in the game grid, which also works like a handy carry case. Now you're ready to take Lex Match wherever you go, for endless portable fun. ORIGINAL SPELLING GAME that combines Top Trumps Match with Lex Go LOVE ANAGRAMS AND CROSSWORDS? Lex Match is a perfect gift for players aged 4 and up THINK FAST AND SPELL OUT WORDS by placing letter cubes into the game grid CAMOUFLAGED LEARNING: 2-player game that teaches new words, and develops logic, dexterity and critical thinking skills! HAND CARRY CASE: The easy-to-carry plastic case makes this a perfect travel or holiday game.