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Union COB LED Dual Function Compact Lantern – Tray of 12

Introducing the Union COB LED Dual Function Compact Lantern, the perfect lighting solution for your outdoor adventures and emergency situations. This compact lantern offers a powerful 20 LED area light for broad illumination and a focused front focus beam with 3 LEDs for precise lighting needs. Featuring a compact design, this lantern is easy to carry and store, making it ideal for camping, hiking, and other on-the-go activities. With its dual function switch, you can easily switch between the area light and the front focus beam, allowing you to adapt to different lighting requirements with ease. The Union COB LED Lantern is equipped with a multi-angled adjustable stand and a swivel hook facility. This convenient feature enables you to position the lantern at various angles and hang it wherever you need it most. Whether you want to light up a tent, a work area, or a dark corner, the lantern's flexibility ensures optimal illumination. Built with a rubberized protective case, this lantern is designed to withstand rugged conditions and provide durability for long-lasting use. The rubberized exterior not only protects the lantern from impacts but also enhances grip, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold. To power the Union COB LED Compact Lantern, simply insert three AAA batteries (not included). This energy-efficient configuration provides reliable illumination while offering easy battery replacement when needed. Experience the convenience and versatility of the Union COB LED Dual Function Compact Lantern. With its powerful lighting capabilities, adjustable stand, swivel hook facility, and durable design, it's the perfect companion for all your lighting needs. Get yours today and light up your adventures!