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Cluedo – Killing Eve

Welcome to the cat-and-mouse world of Killing Eve. Kenny has died in mysterious circumstances, and it falls to you to solve the mystery. Play as Eve, Villanelle, Konstantin, Carolyn, H?l?ne or Pam, and find out who committed this unforgivable crime. And as for the murder weapon ? was it the poisoned perfume, the tie, or the tuning fork? Use your skills to discover WHO killed Kenny, WHERE it happened and WHAT weapon was used, in this fresh new edition of CLUEDO. Explore iconic locations like Villanelle?s flat, Julian?s house, the Berlin train station and the ballroom, as you eliminate evidence and narrow down your conclusions. Could Eve have killed Kenny to advance her career? Was Villanelle tasked with taking Kenny out, or does H?l?ne know more about the tragedy than she?s letting on? Read the extensive case file before undertaking the investigation, and deploy the six custom metal tokens, including a bag of spices, a golf club and a hose pipe, to aid you in your search. Will you catch the killer before they evade your clutches for good? The Classic Mystery Board Game sees you become an MI5 investigator to find clues and solve the mystery that awaits you Play with 6 iconic characters from the beloved thriller series Attend Russian High Tea and investigate the Aberdeen Golf Course to uncover the secrets hidden within Use all your wits and cunning to determine who killed Kenny, where they killed him, and what weapon was used Was it Konstantin with the golf club, at Eve?s flat?