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Eneloop Standard – AAA 800 mAh – 8 Pack

Eneloop Standard is a long-life, pre-charged, energy and money saving, recyclable rechargeable battery which can be charged and discharged now even up to 2100 times.
  • Eneloop Standard can be used 2100 times to save money! On average families use around 70 batteries per year.* By switching to eneloop, a single charger makes it possible to charge a year’s worth of batteries. * Number used annually by a family with two adults and two children.
  • Unique technologies reduce self-discharge. By improving the lattice size of metal hydride alloy, eneloop keeps 70% capacity even after 10 years of storage.
  • Lasts much longer than an alkaline battery. Longer lasting than an alkaline battery thanks to it’s stable voltage.
  • Usable in low temperatures, such as in ski resorts. Keeps higher voltage than an alkaline battery, at low temperatures.
  • Plastic free packaging