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Top Trumps Battlemat – Marvel Cinematic Universe

Take the fight to Thanos with this brand new Marvel Cinematic Universe edition of Top Trumps Battle Mat! Lay out your best cards on the Battle Mat and see how they compare to your opponent's forces, in this competitive card game that relies on your knowledge of the MCU. Categories include Strength, Agility, Wits and Technology. Is Iron Man's Strength enough to claim victory, or will Black Widow's Agility outsmart your foe? Maybe Spider-Man or Captain Marvel have a few tricks up their sleeves. Deploy the six Infinity Stones - Time, Mind, Reality, Soul, Power and Space - for unexpected abilities to mix up gameplay and get one over on your opponent, and take 7 battles to win Battle Mat. Just watch out for the tie-break twist! With thirty classic Marvel Top Trump cards to play with, this new Battle Mat edition of Top Trumps is perfect for players looking for an intense new challenge. WHO WILL RULE THE BATTLE MAT? Exciting new table-top edition of the classic card game, Top Trumps! BECOME THE TOP TRUMP: Prepare to outsmart your opponents, discover new and exciting superhero facts and duel your way to the top! 30 OF YOUR FAVOURITE MARVEL HEROES AND VILLAINS: Play with Doctor Strange, Thanos, Thor, Gamora, Captain America and many more! ENCOURAGES KIDS TO INTERACT THROUGH REAL-WORLD ACTIVITIES: a fun game that improves children's concentration, observation and deductive reasoning! CHILDREN AGED 8 and up will have hours of fun with this fast-paced, two-player card game