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Maxell Alkaline Batteries 9V 6LR61 – 1 Pack

Long life Alkaline are one of the most commonly used types of batteries in day to day life. Recommended for both low and high energy devices and for continuous use devices such as smoke detectors, clocks, remote controls and many other gadgets and applications. A staple battery for every use. Please dispose of used batteries in a responsible manner.
  • Long Life Alkaline batteries.
  • Designed for to provide reliability and lasting performance for high and low drain products.
  • Ideal for family’s everyday devices such as torches, remote controls, toys, clocks and numberous other products.
  • Expiry date shown on pack.
Nominal Voltage 9V
Reference IEC 6LR61
Battery Size 9 Volt
Height (mm) 47.5mm
Width (mm) 25.25mm
Length (mm) 16.3mm
Weight (g) 42.9g
Chemical System Alkaline Manganese Dioxide
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