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Philips USB 2.0 64GB Vivid Edition Purple

Easy to use, plug and play

Swap files in a flash!

The colourful Philips USB flash drive vivid edition allows you to easily store and share all your multimedia files, such as photos, music, videos and your personal data.
64GB storage capacity Enough capacity to store more than 18.000 of your favorite photos or 11.000 MP3 music files* High speed USB 2.0 High speed data transfer rate allows you to read and write all your favourite files such as photos and music files. Trendy and colorful Pick your trendy colour: dragon green, electric blue, smokey grey, ultraviolet purple or sunrise orange. Store and share your data with style.
Pocket sized storage Pocket sized storage that allows you to carry all your favorite music, videos and photos with you wherever you go. Activity indicator An appealing LED indicator shows you the drive is properly connected and working, and pulsates faster when copying files to or from its memory. Integrated protective cap Never lose your cap again! The protective cap is integrated into the product design, so it will always stay attached to the USB stick. To bring it into use, you only have to turn the cap backwards. Just plug and play!