Top Trumps Quiz – 1990’s Quiz

Think you know your Britney from your Blur? Your video games from your Val Kilmer? Your Three Lions from your Twelve Monkeys? Try your luck with this instant knock-out quiz from Top Trumps. With 100 question cards covering topics including sports, movies, celebrities, music, fashion, world news, geography, literature and technology, there’s something to challenge players of all ages. Whether you grew up in the ?90s, lived through them, or simply love a throwback, this quiz is guaranteed to get you scratching your heads and reminiscing ? whether with fondness or regret! ? about this iconic era of modern history. Recall classic BBC TV shows, identify spaceships, name political figures and unearth some of the weird and wonderful inventions and discoveries from this remarkable decade. Put down those Tamagotchis, unplug your MiniDiscs and take a trip back in time with this original and detailed quiz. Just don?t mix up your Power Rangers with your Pok?mon!

Quizzical fun with a retro twist, from Top Trumps!

Funny and factual trivia card game with dozens of genres like World Events, Football and Space

500 questions guaranteed to get players feeling a little nostalgic!

Handy plastic case makes the game easy to store and carry

Prepare to outsmart your opponents, show off your memories, and duel your way to becoming the Top Trump

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