Energizer Hard Case Professional Headlight With Attachment 600 Lumens – Project / Works Torch – Model HCHD312

Light Modes High Low
Lumens (brightness) 600 Lumens 110 Lumens
Run time 4 Hours 23 Hours
Beam distance 140 Metres 55 Metres
Weatherproof (waterproof) IPX5 IPX5
Impact resistance 7 M 7 M

About the product

The Energizer® HARDCASE® PROFESSIONAL® Rugged Headlight is designed with a tool quality construction and advanced LED technology to meet the most demanding jobs. Constructed with the Professional in mind, it withstands drop after drop, off a ladder or a two story building. Built to give users freedom to use both hands, this pivoting headlight provides outstanding versatility with options ranging from Spot, Flood or Full Power modes. It is an impressively bright, durable illumination tool for any job, and delivers extended runtime in low mode.

Key Features

• Hands-free design
• Exceptionally durable and weather resistant
• Survives drop after drop from a two-story building
• Greater stability with integrated top strap
• Non-slip head strap fits most industrial helmets Pivots to shine where needed
• Powerful LED Technology
• Additional modes for greater user choice
• Independent switches allow precise operation of flood and spot modes
• Operates on 3 AA batteries

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