ZEISS Anti-Fog Wipes – Pack of 30

Introducing ZEISS Anti-Fog Wipes, the ultimate solution for fog-free lenses and clear vision. Our wipes offer remarkable benefits:

  • Scratch-free performance: Designed with precision, our wipes provide a scratch-free cleaning experience, ensuring the longevity of your lenses.
  • Fast-drying effectiveness: Experience swift results with our fast-drying formula. Our wipes eliminate fog quickly, allowing you to get back to your activities without delay.
  • Streak-free clarity: Say goodbye to annoying streaks and smudges. Our wipes deliver streak-free cleaning, ensuring crystal-clear vision even in challenging conditions.

Discover the power of ZEISS Anti-Fog Wipes – the ideal choice for scratch-free, fast-drying, and streak-free lens cleaning. Say goodbye to foggy lenses and enjoy clear visibility in any situation.

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ZEISS Lens Wipes and Cleaning Solutions
Gentle and professional cleaning solutions for your customers.

Offer your customers lens wipes and cleaning solutions for spectacle lenses, sunglasses, goggles, camera lenses and display screens to ensure safe and effective cleaning.

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