Top Trumps Classics – Ancient Egypt

Top Trumps travels to Ancient Egypt to explore a world of treasures, gods, pharaohs and mystery. Each fascinating, ancient entry in this deck is rated on its beauty, ingenuity, age, height and mystique. With everything from the breathtaking Sphinx and the Great Pyramid to Queen Nefertiti, the god of the dead Anubis, the boy king Tutankhamun and the serpent goddess Meretseger, this edition of Top Trumps is a must for history lovers and budding archaeologists. Discover precisely how Lady Tjuya’s burial casket was discovered, the symbolic meaning of the crook and flail, and the true, gruesome purpose of the canopic coffinette in this stunning blue-and-gold deck of Top Trumps cards. Will you conquer your opponents with the Book of the Dead’s age stat, or will you be obliterated by the might of Cleopatra’s Needle? Just watch out for King Tutankhamun’s curse? Shuffle your cards, gather your friends and family, and get ready to play!

ANCIENT EGYPT TOP TRUMPS: discover the Golden Age of the Pharaohs!

BECOME THE TOP TRUMP: Prepare to outsmart your opponents, discover new and exciting historical facts and duel your way to the top!

30 FASCINATING EGYPTIAN ARTEFACTS AND FIGURES: how beautiful was Queen Kiya, how old are the ancient throw sticks, and how ingenious is the ancient board game?

PLAY ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME: The easy-to-carry plastic case makes for a perfect travel or holiday game, and keeps kids occupied at home and on the move!

ENCOURAGES KIDS TO INTERACT THROUGH REAL-WORLD ACTIVITIES: a fun game that improves children’s concentration, observation and deductive reasoning!

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