Puzzles 1000pc – Lord of the Rings – Mount Doom

The fate of Middle-earth rests on the shoulders of two little hobbits, lost in the wilderness of Mordor, an evil and barren land at the heart of which lies Mount Doom. Join Frodo on his quest to destroy the One Ring with this stunning 1000-piece puzzle that features Aragorn, Samwise Gamgee, Gollum, Arwen, ?owyn and Gandalf circling in on Mount Doom, the Fellowship?s final destination. As you piece together this stunning montage, you will reveal the mountain of fire, the One Ring, and those whose futures are at stake. Rediscover the beloved masterpiece of cinema that is Peter Jackson?s The Lord of the Rings trilogy twenty years on from the first film?s original release. Now you can own a piece of movie history with this stunning, officially-licensed photo montage, which is sure to thrill puzzlers and movie-goers alike with its intricate design and variety of detail. When complete, this jigsaw would look stunning on the wall of any fan or collector, but be warned: soon ?comes the end of our Fellowship. I will not say, do not weep. Not all tears are an evil.?

Delve into the world of Lord of the Rings with this beautiful jigsaw puzzle

Frodo, Aragorn, Sam, Gollum, Arwen, ?owyn and Gandalf close in on Mount Doom

Gather your friends and family to help piece together this challenging and detailed montage

This 1000-piece puzzle will keep you entertained for hours as your Middle-earth scene starts to come together

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