Panasonic Silver Oxide – 4SR44 6V – 1 Pack

Panasonic silver oxide 4SR44 batteries offer high performance in a wide variety of appliances. This 6V battery is ideal for use in medical devices, calculators and other appliances.

4SR44 benefits

  • High voltage (6,2V)

  • Very reliable performance, even near the end of the discharge life

  • High energy density for long-time power in small devices such as clocks

  • Low self-discharge

  • No mercury added


Panasonic SILVER OXIDE 4SR44 (6,2V) is a small battery suitable for small devices such as digital clocks. It has a large capacity and ensures a continuous power supply until the end of its cycle life. Despite its compact dimensions, this battery can easily keep a clock going 24 hours a day for several years.

Superior silver

Although the use of silver results in a higher price compared with other batteries, the long life (thanks to a high voltage of 6,2V) and stability make the Panasonic SILVER OXIDE 4SR44 nevertheless an excellent choice.

Trusted technology for stable power

Panasonic 4SR44 uses silver oxide as the positive electrode (cathode), zinc as the negative electrode (anode) plus an alkaline electrolyte. It has a flatter discharge curve than a standard alkaline battery. So at the end of its cycle life, the battery still supplies approximately the same amount of energy as at the beginning. This way your clock will always indicate the right time.

No mercury added

Our environmental awareness led us again and again to innovating ideas reducing the use of materials that can harm the environment. As a result of these efforts, the 4SR44 Silver Oxide battery today has 0% mercury added.


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Panasonic’s vast and lengthy experience in the electronics field has helped to make Panasonic the largest battery manufacturer in Europe today.

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