The Original Flavor Infusion

Discover the Menthol Click, the top choice for introducing a burst of menthol freshness to any cigarette. Crafted with 100% food-grade ingredients and rigorously tested, it quickly upgrades any standard cigarette to a menthol delight. Recognized globally, we stand as the unmatched and sole provider of the authentic freshness upgrade. With worldwide distribution we are the number 1 and only Original Flavor Infusion.

How does it work?

Experience the refreshing transformation of your regular cigarette with our Menthol Click! It’s as easy as removing the blue cap and gently pushing the entire tip into the back-end of your filter for just one second. The Menthol Click is designed to infuse your smoke with a burst of invigorating menthol flavor, enhancing your smoking experience instantly. The quick and simple application ensures that you can enjoy the revitalizing essence of menthol in your cigarette right away. Elevate your smoking ritual effortlessly with the Menthol Click – a convenient and flavorful way to savor every puff.

Looks great on any shop shelf

Enhance your retail space with our unique Menthol Clicks! Packaged in attention-grabbing displays, each housing 25 clicks, our distinctive design promises a refreshing smoking experience. With 40 flavor enhancements per click, it’s a must-have for discerning smokers. Make your shelves pop and give customers a delightful smoking experience!

Premium Color Box

Elevate your Menthol Click experience with our sleek premium color box. Each click is encased in a vibrant, compact box designed to catch the eye and preserve the menthol’s freshness. The stylish packaging enhances the product’s appeal, making it a standout choice for those seeking a premium smoking experience. Crafted for both aesthetics and functionality, our color box adds sophistication to your ritual, ensuring every Menthol Click delivers a burst of refreshing menthol. Choose style and flavor – choose Menthol Click.

Mainland UK Deliveries

From the time your order is placed and payment or credit cleared, we strive to ship orders using 24 hour transport services, in many cases our customer received their goods the next working day.


We deliver all accross UK and beyond, please get in touch with our exports team for the best solution.