AgfaPhoto Portable Power Supply 80W – PPS100PRO

Introducing the AgfaPhoto PPS 100Pro !

Your mini all-rounder when it comes to mobile power supply.
It comes with four USB ports, two of which are Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0 ports, one Type C port, one 5.5mm DC port and its main feature, the 13 Amp plug socket.

The PPS100PRO meets the UN 38.3 test required by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) which limits lithium ion (rechargeable) batteries and devices to a rating
of 100 watt hours ( Wh ) per battery, that’s right, it is holiday friendly!

The PPS 100 has a rating of 88.8 Wh , and is the only portable power station on the market that can be taken in hand luggage.


Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Independent power supply for on the move

Functional design
Compact, uncomplicated and powerful

Ideal for many outdoor activities
e.g. camping, festivals, garden parties, charging e-bikes and scooters

Equally ideal for work in and around the house
Enough power for many home gadgets, devices and tools

Wide range of connection options
USB / USB C / AC / DC outlets

Display with battery/output status
The available energy always easy to view.

Suitable as emergency power supply
… and expandable with solar module

Plug & Play
Simply plug in the device and enjoy independence

Power ports for all your needs
1 x 13Amp UK Socket!
2 x USB Ports
2 x USB Quick Charge Ports
1 x Type C Port
1 x AC and 1 x DC

Safety Features
Protection against, overcharging, over-discharging, over-current output, over-power consumption, Short Circuit and Over Heating.

Ideal for travel and outdoors

Can be taken safely in-flight hand luggage!

Great for family days, longer trips, or even just around the home!

Festivals, camping, beach, hiking, weekend getaways, holidays, caravans, garden parties, sleepovers and more!

It only takes approx 5 hours to charge from a power outlet

How much juice does it actually have?

Mobile Phones – up to 16X
Tablets – up to 2.5X
Drones – 1 X

LED Lights (5W) –  up 17.5 Hours
Mini Fridge (70W) – up to 1 Hour
LED TV (40W) – up to 2 Hours
Laptop (60W) – up to 1 Hour
LED Floodlight (50W) – Up to 1.5 Hours

Want to know more?

Super Light!
Weighing only 1.04kg, this unit is small and light enough to carry. A great looking device and one of the very first units of its kind on the market to be flight hand luggage safe!

Handy Lantern
The AgfaPhoto power supply has a very useful built-in LED lantern with 4 modes of light!
Low, Medium, High, and flashing.

The history of the AgfaPhoto brand goes back to 1873, when the ‘ Aktien Gesellschaft für Anilin Fabrikation ’ (AGFA) was registered in Germany. Today AgfaPhoto stands for top quality and peace of mind products at favourable prices.

The AgfaPhoto range covers all mobile energy demand from alkaline batteries through to portable power stations.

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