Agfa Alkaline Miniature Cells – A23 1 Pack

AgfaPhoto alarm controller batteries can be used in remote controls, GPS trackers, burglar alarms and garage door controllers. They can also operate electronic cigarette lighters, dog collars, laser pointers as well as certain types of cameras or flashlights. They have an extended voltage range and provide a stable, long-lasting power supply. The A23 and A27 batteries operate at 12V, the 4LR44 batteries at 6V, and the LR1 batteries at 1.5V. Alarm controller batteries are non-rechargeable, discharged batteries must be collected only in designated containers.

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Technical Information

Voltage 12 V
Working temperature -15°C to 55°C
Diameter 10 mm
Battery type LR23A, LR23, MN21, 23AE
Height 28,5 mm

Logistic Information

Weight 9,16 gram
Gross volume 7 cm³
Pcs / carton 36
Carton size 405mm x 350mm x 317mm

The history of the AgfaPhoto brand goes back to 1873, when the ‘ Aktien Gesellschaft für Anilin Fabrikation ’ (AGFA) was registered in Germany. Today AgfaPhoto stands for top quality and peace of mind products at favourable prices.

The AgfaPhoto range covers all mobile energy demand from alkaline batteries through to portable power stations.

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