Zig Zag

The Story

Le Zouave

Sevastopol, a French soldier

They say necessity is the mother of invention. We tend to agree.

In the 19th Century, during the battle of Sevastopol, a French soldier (also known as a “Zouave”) had his clay pipe broken by a bullet. He had the brilliant idea of rolling his tobacco in a piece of paper torn from a bag of gunpowder. For over 130 years, the image of Le Zouave has been part of all Zig-Zag products as a tribute to that creative soldier.

Zig-Zag History

In 1879, brothers Maurice and Jacques Braunstein established a business in Paris to produce fine cigarette paper in flat booklets.

In 1894, the Braunstein Brothers perfected an interleaving packaging process that allowed the papers to automatically dispense from a booklet one at a time. Proving so successful, the Braunstein Brothers patented their new invention and named this new product Zig-Zag after the Z shape of the interleaved papers. This revolutionary process established a new packaging standard that is still used to this day.

In 1900, Zig-Zag gained international recognition when they were awarded a gold medal at the Universal Exposition in Paris. In 1906, the trademark Zig-Zag was registered and began to grow into the world-wide brand known today. During the 1960s and 1970s, Zig-Zag’s popularity grew tremendously in the U.S. and established the brand as a cultural icon that is still increasingly relevant today.

With over 130 years of paper knowledge and unrivaled craftsmanship, Zig-Zag continues to provide a range of premium quality papers that deliver consistent superior smoking experiences. In the U.S. the brand continues to evolve in the smoking world and has embraced the new world of vaporization. From our iconic Cigarette Papers to Cigar Wraps to Vaporizers, Zig-Zag offers a wide range of products to fit your lifestyle.