Philips USB 3.0 64GB Circle Edition

Philips USB 3.0 64GB Circle Edition

Easy opening and user-friendly packaging

The markings and perforations on the packaging show you the best way to open your packaging and get quick access to your USB stick without hassle.


64 GB storage capacity for large data files

A useful 64 GB gives you the capacity to swap and share much larger or more files via the USB port of your PC or laptop.


Fast data transfer with high-speed USB 3.0

High-speed data transfer rates significantly cut annoying waiting time when you are copying large multimedia files to or from your computer’s hard disk.


Stylish USB design due to the colourful metallic finishing

A premium USB flash drive with high-glossy white body and completed with a glossy colourful metallic finish on the aluminium top cover, delivering superb protection for your valuable data and setting it apart from the ordinary.


Brand: Philips

Inner Quantity: 10

Outer Quantity: 100

Unit Barcode: 4895185603346