Maxell AE400 Air Sanitiser

Maxell AE400 Air Sanitiser


The affordable solution for your home and commercial environments

What is the AE400

The Maxell AE400 is a ozone anti-bacterial air sanitiser, which decomposes bacteria, viruses and odour sources utilising the oxidising power of ozone.


It has three ozone generating modes that cover a wide range of spaces.


In AUTO mode, it uses an odour sensor to detect odours and automatically generates a controlled amount of ozone to provide a clean and safe space. It is suitable for building in which there are large areas where people may congregate.



The benefits of the AE400 Air Sanitiser

Eliminate Odours

It releases Ozone gas into the air which decomposes the odour molecules.


Eliminate Bacteria and Virus.

The strong oxidising power of Ozone gas can eliminate Bacteria and Viruses.


Control Accuracy

Ozone automatically controls the Ozone concentration of 0.05ppm*


*0.05ppm is average allowable concentration in the room in accordance with IEC 60335-2.65/A2



The Design

• Stylish design blends into the background

• Free standing design

• Easy to clean and maintain

• Easy to lift and carry

• Mains powered with standard plug


Ideal For

• Patient, nursing and waiting rooms
• Restrooms
• Medical examination rooms
• Nursing Facilities
• Waste collection and disposal sites
• Food processing rooms and displays
• Smoking rooms
• Veterinary hospitals, Pet grooming salons
• Restaurants and other cooking facilities
• Homes, Offices and Retail Stores
• Hotels and Schools
• Religious Buildings
• Gyms and Sports Hal




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