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ZEISS Lens Wipes – Pack of 24 CDU

Introducing ZEISS Lens Wipes, the ultimate choice for keeping your lenses spotless and clear. Our lens wipes are packed with exceptional features:
  • Scratch-free cleaning: With our lens wipes, you can confidently clean your lenses without worrying about scratches or damage.
  • Fast-drying convenience: Experience quick and hassle-free cleaning. Our wipes dry rapidly, allowing you to get back to enjoying your lenses without delay.
  • Streak-free brilliance: Say goodbye to bothersome streaks and smudges. Our wipes provide streak-free cleaning, ensuring crystal-clear vision.
  • Shelf tray ready: Our lens wipes come in a convenient shelf tray format, making it easy to store and access whenever you need them.
Choose ZEISS Lens Wipes for a scratch-free, fast-drying, streak-free, and shelf tray ready solution. Keep your lenses in pristine condition and enjoy unobstructed visual clarity every time you use them.