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Waddingtons Cards – Marvel Universe

Unite with your favourite Marvel characters including the valiant Captain America, the formidable Thor and the invincible Iron Man, alongside 52 of your much-loved Marvel heroes and much-loathed villains. Will Spider-Man help you win Snap? Or The Guardians of the Galaxy help you defeat your Go-Fish nemesis? Play all your favourite card games with the Marvel Waddingtons No 1 Playing Cards deck. Marvel fans can now play with this brand new bespoke Waddingtons No. 1 pack Play your favourite card games with your favourite characters including Rocket Raccoon, The Hulk and Black Widow Every certified pack of Waddington's Number playing cards comes with a Winning Moves seal of approval. Great for games at home or as the perfect travel companion Hours of entertainment as you master much-loved card games from Poker to Bridge and Snap to Trumps