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ZEISS Anti-Bacterial Smartphone Wipes – Pack of 30

Introducing ZEISS anti-bacterial smartphone wipes, your go-to solution for a hygienic and germ-free mobile experience. Our wipes offer more than just device cleaning. Discover the benefits:
  • Safe for screens: Tested and designed specifically for smartphone screens, our wipes won't cause any damage or discoloration.
  • Fingerprint removal: Easily wipe away fingerprints and smudges, ensuring a clean and clear screen for optimal visibility.
  • Streak-free cleaning: Our specially formulated wipes provide a streak-free experience, leaving your smartphone screen crystal clear without any residue.
Choose our safe and effective anti-bacterial wipes for peace of mind. Enjoy a clear, streak-free screen.

ZEISS Lens Wipes – Pack of 30

Introducing ZEISS Lens Wipes, the perfect solution for keeping your lenses pristine and clear. Our lens wipes offer a range of benefits that ensure a superior cleaning experience:
  • Scratch-free: Designed with care, our lens wipes are gentle on delicate surfaces, preventing scratches and damage to your lenses.
  • Fast drying: Our wipes are formulated to dry quickly, allowing you to use them on the go without any downtime.
  • Streak-free: Say goodbye to annoying streaks and smudges. Our lens wipes leave your lenses crystal clear and free from residue.
Experience the difference with ZEISS Lens Wipes – scratch-free, fast drying and streak-free. Keep your lenses in optimal condition.