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Union 30+7 LED Dual Function Worklight – Tray of 12

Introducing the versatile Union 30+7 LED Dual Function Worklight, the ultimate lighting tool for any task. This worklight offers both an expansive 30 LED area worklight and a powerful front spotlight with 7 LEDs, giving you the flexibility to illuminate large areas or focus on specific points. Equipped with a convenient dual function switch, you can easily toggle between the area worklight and the spotlight mode, providing the right lighting for your needs. Whether you're working in a dimly lit space or need a focused beam, this worklight has got you covered. Built to withstand demanding work environments, the Union 30+7 LED Worklight features a durable case with a rubberized contact area. This rugged construction ensures enhanced grip and protection against accidental drops or impacts. The integrated magnet adds extra convenience, allowing you to securely attach the worklight to metal surfaces for hands-free operation. For added versatility, the worklight is equipped with an integral hanging hook. Hang it up to illuminate your workspace while keeping your hands free for tasks that require precision or both hands. Whether you're working on a construction site, camping, or doing repairs around the house, this feature is sure to come in handy. To power the Union 30+7 LED Dual Function Worklight, simply insert three AA batteries (not included). This energy-efficient configuration provides long-lasting illumination, so you can focus on your tasks without worrying about battery replacements. Experience the reliability and functionality of the Union 30+7 LED Dual Function Worklight. With its durable design, dual lighting modes, integrated magnet, and hanging hook, it's the perfect companion for any job. Get yours today at an affordable price per torch and enjoy the benefits of superior lighting performance.