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Top Trumps Match – Kirby

Nintendo and HAL Laboratory's iconic pink hero has embarked on his most dangerous adventure yet, with this brand new edition of Top Trumps Match. Two players must take turns to knock out a cube and insert a new one, in order to match five in a row of the same character or image. Will you match five Fire Kirbys, five Beam Kirbys or five Waddle Dees? Now it's time to turn over your mini Top Trumps cards. If either of your cards matches your opponent's row of five, you snatch the match instead! Featuring fifteen characters and abilities from the beloved video game series, you've got plenty of options. Kirby has starred in over thirty games in his time, but none of them are quite like Top Trumps Match! Perfect for developing the observational skills of younger players, Top Trumps Match is suitable for all the family, and the Kirby-pink game grid folds up to form a carry case as well, meaning you can pack it safely away before travelling via Warp Star on your next adventure. THE CRAZY CUBE GAME: be the first to match five Kirby characters in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally and save Planet Popstar! KIRBY AND FRIENDS: play with 15 of Kirby's greatest friends, foes and abilities, from Waddle Dee to King Dedede, Meta Knight and the Warp Star STEAL THE WIN: turn over your Top Trump card, and if it matches your opponent's row, you win instead! HANDY CARRY CASE: the game grid doubles as a carry case, so you can tidy away your game quickly and take it with you on your next adventure CHILDREN AGED 4+ will have great fun playing with their favourite Nintendo characters, identifying patterns, and developing their logic and critical thinking skills