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Monopoly Entertainment – James Bond

The name?s MONOPOLY. MR MONOPOLY. Licence to trade. If you?ve ever thought you?d fit in at MI6, know your way around a casino, and like your Chance cards shuffled, not stirred, then you need to request a copy of James Bond MONOPOLY from your nearest Q Branch posthaste. Every space on the board pays homage to a classic Bond film, vehicle or character, from Thunderball to Skyfall, Q and M, with movie stills to bring gameplay to life. Build safe houses and headquarters to boost your income, and charge your rival agents rent in order to get ahead. Chance and Community Chest cards have been renamed Allies and Enemies; will you receive a sneaky bonus, or have to pay a penalty? Your 00 licence can?t keep you from bankruptcy, so you better employ your wits instead. This special edition of the classic board game is guaranteed to entertain fans of 007 himself, and experienced MONOPOLY players. Just remember, ?take risks. If you win, you?ll be happy. If you lose, you?ll be wiser.? The world?s favourite family board game brings you another exciting edition of MONOPOLY ? James Bond! Choose your favourite gadget token, tour your favourite movie sites and accumulate fortunes, but watch out for taxes, jail and bankruptcy Advance to Dr. No, Goldeneye and No Time To Die ? will you owe rent or reap the rewards? Invest in safe houses and headquarters and trade your way to success The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game is fun for the whole family

Waddingtons Cards – James Bond

Sometimes the old ways are the best. Whether you find yourself On Her Majesty?s Secret Service, or you?re just wishing you were, there?s nothing like a classic pack of cards, and with this special 007 pack, you can revisit your favourite card games in style. Every spy needs a little Patience, after all. From Solitaire to Blackjack, you don?t need to visit the Casino Royale for a high-stakes game - just a couple of friends and this quality pack of Waddington?s playing cards containing 52 cards plus two jokers. You?ll be playing Poker Galore before you know it. Each card is adorned with a classic Bond movie poster from around the world, from Germany?s Moonraker poster to Japan?s Licence to Kill. The perfect combination of cinema history and stylish gameplay, you?ll think you must be dreaming when you unwrap this pack. From Russia with Love - to the palm of your hand. James Bond fans can now play with this brand new bespoke 007 Waddingtons No. 1 pack Play your favourite card games with your favourite Bond films including Die Another Day, Skyfall, Goldfinger and many more. High quality playing cards from a trusted name Hours of entertainment as you master much-loved card games from Poker to Bridge and Snap to Trumps No Bullet