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Highland XL Light King size papers

Highland Light Our new version of our Original papers. Same quality but with Ultra-fine translucent papers.
  • Natural gum from the acacia tree
  • No added fillers or burn agents
  • Completely taste-free
  • Slow even burn
  • Chlorine-free
  • Includes tear-off tips
Paper Weight: 13 grammes Length:125mm Width: 36mm 40 papers per packet 24 Packets per box

Lightweight Highland Light Regular King Size Rolling Papers & Tips

Regular king size papers in a handy pocket-sized pack with tips. Ultrafine translucent paper for skilled rollers who prefer a lighter weight paper than our ‘Original’. Perfect if you want to savour your ingredients.
  • - Natural gum from the Acacia tree
  • - No added fillers or burn agents
  • - Completely taste free
  • - Slow even burn
  • - Chlorine free
  • - Includes tear-off tip
Paper Weight:13 grammes Length: 110mm Width: 36mm   36 papers per packet 24 packets per box 40 boxes per carton