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GP Lithium Cylinder Battery AA L91 – 2 Pack

GP Lithium AA battery is an all-rounded battery with supreme performance you will need for your household, daily life, or even your wildest adventure. The advanced power technology allows the GP Lithium batteries to last longer than any average alkaline batteries, and supply devices with stable power to operate at their maximum efficiency throughout the battery life. When we say it is made even for your wildest adventure, we mean it — 40% lighter* than alkaline batteries with broad operating temperature range from -30°C - +60°C and a 10-year shelf life** - you can take it everywhere. Providing absolute protection for you and your devices, our quality strictly complies with international safety standards. Where there is GP Lithium battery, there is power you can trust. *Compared with GP Alkaline AA batteries. **To ensure optimal power is reserved in unused batteries, store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. auto faucet icon baby monitor icon camera icon electric door lock icon game controllor icon icon_25_GPS-tracker icon_09_Home-security toy icon lantern icon medical device icon photoflash icon smoke sensor icon sport optics icon