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Union 6V 13 LED Lantern C/W D Size Adap. – Tray of 12

Introducing the Union 6V 13 LED Lantern, the ultimate lighting solution for your outdoor adventures and emergency situations. This versatile lantern features a front spotlight equipped with 13 powerful LEDs, providing a bright and focused beam of light. The soft touch switch allows for easy operation, ensuring convenient and quick illumination. Designed for durability, the Union 6V Lantern boasts a heavy-duty UPVC case that can withstand tough conditions. It is built to last, ensuring reliability when you need it most. The included carry strap adds convenience and portability, allowing you to take the lantern with you wherever you go. Thanks to the anti-roll function on the head unit, you can rest assured that the lantern will stay in place and not roll away when placed on uneven surfaces. This feature adds stability and reduces the risk of accidental damage. To power the Union 6V 13 LED Lantern, you have two options. It can be powered by either a PJ996 battery or four D batteries (not included). Additionally, the lantern comes with a 4 x D battery adapter, providing you with flexibility and convenience in choosing your power source. Experience the reliability and versatility of the Union 6V 13 LED Lantern. Whether you're camping, hiking, or facing a power outage, this lantern will provide you with the illumination you need. Don't let darkness hold you back - get your Union 6V 13 LED Lantern today and be prepared for any situation.